Instructors of MDW

Authorised Trainers are only listed on this web page. Keeping current requires consistent practice, research and putting knowledge and skills to the test in a reality based training environment. Trainers not only need to be proficient at their trade but also need the necessary training and understanding to convey these principals to participants of courses / seminars in the relevant context.

Our training centre in Richmond is the MDW HQ in Australia. The International HQ for MDW is in Cape Town, South Africa. For further information, visit
Please contact Andy Elliott for more information on getting in touch with a qualified MDW Trainer.

Andy Elliott


Combative Profile

Andy is an International Combatives Instructor and Defensive Tactics Expert, conducting seminars and training around the world on a regular basis, having taught combatives in 20 countries. He embraces propagating Personal Safety & Survival Skills, Filipino Martial Arts, along with representing Multi-Dimensional Warriors, where he is honoured to be one of the very few authorised / recognised International Instructors and Mentor.

Andy instructs members from Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Prison Guards, Security, Martial Artists and Civilians both nationally and internationally, keeping his skills up by training in hard-core South Africa. “Pressure testing combatives determines what is real. You need this to be able to train and impart combative truths as truth is always based on fact!”

Siang Teoh


Combative Profile

Siang has over 30 years of martial arts and combatives training. Siang is qualified instructor in Karate, AMOK!, Ninjitsu & Filipino Kombatan Arnis. He continues advancing his studies, regularly trains internationally including hardcore South Africa and enjoys being a dedicated MDW Trainer.

Mark Day


Combative Profile

Mark has trained in various martial arts including Filipino Kombatan Arnis, AMOK!, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling & MMA. A 4th Dan in Kombatan Arnis, he continually strives to evolve and test his skills and also trains regularly overseas including hardcore South Africa.