Multi Dimensional Warriors (MDW)


The MDW tactics & methodologies have been developed over 30 years through the real experience of our instructors, trainers & members on the violent streets of South Africa where our proven training methods have saved many lives throughout the years.

We believe that – although warriors should have a speciality, they should be prepared & able to protect themselves & their families from any type of attack: – Guns, Blades, Blunt Weapons, Multiple Attackers, Car Hijacking etc. A Multi-Dimensional Warrior’s creed is to have the mindset & ability to – “Survive In Chaos!”

mdw buttonMaster Navigators of Chaos
Born of combat, the MDW training methodology provides an environment and a framework to effectively navigate the chaos of combat. Our framework enables instructors, trainers and students an understanding of all the dimensions that are required to survive, engage and dictate general and specific challenges we may face in combat. The MDW methodology and framework provides context and a matrix to bring together elements of the key dimensions of combat. We pride ourselves as solution finders in an ever evolving chaotic environment. These are the elements and tools that we harness to become “Master Navigators of Chaos”.


To keep our tactics way ahead of the criminals of the world with our utmost agenda – to educate & facilitate how to save lives every day. “If you are not constantly evolving to global trends – you are denying & possibly dying!”


In the modern world, many words are used loosely & have lost their true original meaning. The words of Heraclitus 600BC, emphasize that warriors are men & women set apart from the general population. We come from all walks of life, nationalities, religions & cultures, but we are drawn together by a special calling. True warriors are a rare breed, maybe this is one of the reasons our training groups tend to be smaller than mainstream martial arts. It is but a few, who can truly follow the life commitment of living as a warrior. Warriors are more than just good fighters, they apply themselves to all dimensions of warriorship in daily life.

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