About Us

Kombatan Combatives International (KCI) is a new advanced evolved methodology of Kombatan Arnis. KCI teaches you how to function for real & effectively in the shortest time possible. It incorporates proven combatives that have been pressure tested!

KCI is a global organisation looking for like minded warriors that want to practice & train real FMA that actually works & not just fancy drills!

We offer the opportunity to all schools around the world to join us. GM Andy Elliott is available for private tuition & seminars.

At Kombatan Combatives International we also teach Multi Dimensional Warriors (MDW), seperate to Kombatan Combatives.

MDW training procedures elevate practices to the highest level of reflexive development through highly sophisticated methods of integration. MDW takes you from civilian mentality to soldier mentality. MDW is the highest level of training of combat / self defence – not martial arts.

Visit the MDW Combatives section for further information.